Thus far this year, we have discussed SMART Goals and Six Dimensions of Wellness; as we questioned, will you set SMART Goals using the Six Dimensions of Wellness?  As a review, below are links to the articles.


Six Dimensions of Wellness

Well, to assist you, we will proceed through a career goal that may be common amongst both architecture students and recent architectural graduates:

To obtain a career position within an architecture firm for the summer or after graduation.

Now, how do you accomplish and achieve that goal?  To begin the process, review the series of articles on the process of gaining experience as a student or soon-to-be architectural graduate spelling out –

A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T.  Below is the PROCESS.





Interim Positions

Tools – Career Search




With the review of the PROCESS, let’s get started.  Again, our goal in the Occupational Dimension of Wellness.

To obtain a career position within an architecture firm for the summer or after graduation.

First, given that we are in January at the start of the spring semester, our timing is perfect to start working on our goal.  As the timeline of the goal is the end of the semester – May / June, you have more than enough time to succeed.

As suggested by the process, the initial step is to assess yourself; what type of firm do you wish to work for in this position – small, mid-sized, large?  Also important – what are you skills that you can provide to a firm?

  • Assess and outline your ideal firm and the skills you have to offer.

Next, research firms.  Depending on your desired location, look up firms on the internet; using the AIA Career Center or local AIA Component as a resource,

  • Research each firm for about 5-10 minutes and document contact information in a spreadsheet.

The most important resource in any career search is networking; in fact, over 60 percent of all positions are obtained through networking.

  • Create a list of family, friends, and others that can assist you in your career search; include faculty and fellow students.
  • Attend Career Fair and connect with area firms

Do not perform this career search alone; instead, seek out help.  As a student, one of the best resources in the University Career Center.  But consider asking your circle of connections for help including faculty.

  • Gain help from the University Career Center with an appointment with a Career Counselor
  • Attend workshop on Resume-Writing, Interviewing, and Portfolios

Most important to any search is your career tools – resume, cover letters, interviewing, and portfolios.  Take the needed time to develop your tools to best present yourself to firms.

  • Learn how to best present and take time to create ideal resume, cover letter, portfolio and develop skill in interviewing.
  • Solicit feedback on your career tools

Throughout the career search process, develop a commitment attitude.  Securing a career position will require to commit to the process.  By doing so, you will achieve your goal.

  • During each week of the process, commit to spending a minimum amount of time to the goal.

Throughout the process between now and the end of the semester, schedule not only time but also tasks to accomplish the goal.

To obtain a career position within an architecture firm for the summer or after graduation.

We wish you well in your career search and do let us know how we can help you.  Simply connect us at the following email:



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