We continue the process of A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T. – the process of gaining experience as a student or soon-to-be architectural graduate.  Below is the PROCESS:

Assessment – 022520

Research – 030420

Connections – 031620

Help – 041520

Interim Positions – 042320

Tools – 050920

Experience – 051620

Commitment – 052320



As we come to the end of A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T., one of the most important characteristics you can bring to your career search is COMMITMENT.  You may have heard that you should spend 24/7 on your career search; well, they are right.  You do not have the time, but spending as much time as is possible on your search will result in success.

Searching for a position that will give you experience can be a full-time task. Although you are busy with school commitments, you should devote every possible minute to your search; doing so will pay off.

However, as with any project, break your job search down into smaller manageable parts:

  • finalize your resume
  • research five firms
  • contact three colleagues

Instead of being paralyzed by the scope of entire job search. If you have not already done so, start your search now! Do not wait until next week, next month, or until your last semester of school.

A true commitment is even more demanded during this crazy time. Do not be discouraged by what you may hear; there are positions!



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