Last week, we continued the process of A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T. – the process of gaining experience as a student or soon-to-be architectural graduate.  Below is the PROCESS

Assessment – 022520

Research – 030420

Connections – 031620

Help – 041520

Interim Positions – 042420





Regardless of whether you are a current architecture seeking a summer position in an architecture firm or a soon-to-be graduate seeking a full-time position to embark on your career, what will you do if you are NOT able to secure your ideal position.  Given the challenging time we are under currently, you MAY NOT be able to obtain a position in an architecture firm.

If that happens, consider pursuing an INTERIM POSITION to develop skills and gain experience. An interim position provides you with related experience but is only a stop-gap solution; you have no intention of staying permanently. Ideally, interim jobs allow you to continue your search, network with a wide variety of people, and build up your skills.

Early in my career, a friend struggled to secure a position; as it turned out, he pursued a temporary position with Kelly Services, a company that provides temporary staffing to area businesses.  In just a few months, he had worked in a handful of local businesses helping with administrative work.  While certainly not ideal, it did provide a needed salary and connected him with a few local businesses.

Before taking a temporary position with Kelly, what are other options for you to consider.  Perhaps, related design professional firms – engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning might have positions.  As well, consider construction firms – granted, you may need to be union, but it is worth a look.  Brainstorm what businesses or industries may benefit from your skills.

Back in the early 1990s, a colleague graduated from an architecture program; it was extremely challenging for this friend to secure a position in architecture.  After some time, he was able to find a position with city government as a building inspector.  The position tapped into all of the skills from school; for him, this became his career as the salary was more.

Do your absolute best to pursue your ideal position with the discipline of architecture.  But, if that does not become available, consider an INTERIM POSITION as a stopgap until you can land the ideal position.

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