We are ready to complete the process of A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T. – the process of gaining experience as a student or soon-to-be architectural graduate.  Below is the PROCESS


Assessment – 022520

Research – 030420

Connections – 031620

Help – 041520

Interim Positions – 042320

Tools – Career Search – 050920

Experience – 051620

Commitment – 052320

Transition – 052820


Transition: n. The process or an instance of changing from one form, state, activity, or place to another. Passage from one form, state, activity, or place to another.

Entry into the real world should be a time of excitement, enthusiasm, and exploration. For the time being, school is done and it is time for you to apply the knowledge and insights you acquired during all those hours of studio. A yearly salary ensures financial independence. All kinds of doors are opening, presenting a world of opportunities.

This transition from the world of education to your first career position is dramatic and perhaps challenging. Most college graduates are not fully prepared for the magnitude of the transitions and adjustments that must be made on virtually all fronts; they may be unaware of the consequences of not making these adjustments in a mature and speedy manner.

What a shock it can be when you, a new graduate, drop to the bottom rung of the career ladder. Just as a new college student has to learn the ropes of the new environment, the recent graduate starting a career position faces a whole new world. The challenges include maintaining a budget, dealing with your personal life, and adjusting to your first career position. The difficulty is that the real world is less tolerant of mistakes, offers less time and flexibility for adjustment, and demands performance for the pay it offers.

Realize that you are going through a major life transition—that of entering the profession of architecture. Recognize that all aspects of your life will be affected. Summer vacations are a luxury of the past. Financial adjustments are necessary as you begin to receive a salary and acquire new expenses.

The job market may be challenging; therefore, be assertive, learn the search process, and do not fear rejection. Searching for a position is a skill you will use throughout your life.

The answer, in a nutshell, is:
Thru your research
And then thru your contacts.

Richard N. Bolles

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