As the fall semester draws to a close, sleep is on the horizon.  Yes, all architecture students are counting the days until the last review and exam ends and holiday break begins.  But the question is – What to Do Over the Break?

First and foremost, relax and enjoy time with family (loved ones) and friends.  Spend time alone doing what you enjoy doing.  But below are additional ideas to consider:

Read – We do not care what books you read (architecture related or otherwise), simply enjoy the popular task of reading.  Sure, listen to audiobooks and/or podcasts.

Best Architecture Books


Best Architecture Podcasts


Portfolio – Regardless of where you are on the journey to becoming an architect, spend some time documenting your design work from this past semester for inclusion in your portfolio.  Having just completed the semester, you may want to avoid it, but take advantage of the time to turn your studio work into your portfolio.

Visit Architecture – Be it near your home or a nearby locale, take the time to visit true architecture.  Below is a website with some ideas to plan your architecture trip.


AIAS Forum – New Orleans – It may be too late to attend the upcoming AIAS Forum to be held in New Orleans, LA (January 4 – 7, 2024), but it would be worth checking.  If it is too late, strongly consider attending the next year.  You truly have NOT lived until you spend some time with hundreds of other architecture students.


Begin Summer Plans – Summer may be a full six months away; it is never too early to start planning.  During your break, research firms, edit and update your resume and portfolio; another avenue is to research graduate programs in architecture if that is in your path – start by visiting a program’s website for 10-15 minutes.  Be sure to track your thoughts.

Again, enjoy your break and recharge for this coming semester.  But, do spend some time on your future career in architecture.

Best and Happy Holidays!



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