ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2024 – APRIL 14 – 20 2024

ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2024 – APRIL 14 – 20 2024

Aside from the two publications / resources we shared over the last two essays, we wish to share an additional  resource, namely Architecture Week to be held April 14 – 20, 2024.  Regardless of your connection to architecture, be sure to become involved and engaged.  Below, see how you can be involved!


ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2024 – APRIL 14 -20, 2024

Architecture Week 2024 is a nationwide celebration recognizing the power of good design, intending to inspire hopeful architecture and design professionals and K-12 students. The focus on K-12 architecture and design initiatives provided AIA with a great opportunity to showcase the work being done throughout the year, encourage others to get involved in a myriad of ways, and share several new K-12 resources. 

Architecture Week celebrates the profession of architecture and invites everyone—especially K-12 students—to explore architecture and design.

An ever-evolving resource map now lives on AIA’s K-12 webpage. This map is designed to share architecture and design initiatives, from Design Competitions to Summer Camps to Workshops, to an audience ranging from AIA members who wish to duplicate efforts locally to students looking for opportunities near them.

AIA K-12 Pathway Initiatives

A recent partnership with The House That She Built resulted in a Building Certificate Program that can be used to engage elementary and middle school students in architecture and design. The House That She Built is a non-profit organization formed after the successful launch of a children’s book explaining how a group of all female design professionals joined together to construct a house in Utah.

After a successful pilot launch of Climate Action Design Challenge cards at last summer’s Girl Scout Convention, AIA’s creative team developed a deck of cards that can be used individually or in groups, each designed to help students discover how architecture and design support a healthy planet.

During Architecture Week, there are numerous ways we are encouraging our 98,000 members to get involved, including:

  • Sharing our social media posts or creating their own, #architecture-week
  • Contributing to an Amazon wish list for those seeking materials for their initiatives
  • Inviting students to visit their firm
  • Sending a letter to local schools or libraries educating them about Architecture Week
  • Actively engaging with students during Architecture Week
  • Signing up to volunteer for a K-12 outreach program like ACE Mentor or Project Pipeline

We would love to hear what has inspired you to become interested in architecture and design as we develop ideas to reach our future generation of design professionals. Reach out to me at anytime!


Devon Davis, Manager of K-12 Initiatives & Engagement

After serving students directly in schools for the past two decades as a school counselor, principal, and developer, Devon Davis recently transitioned to her new role with the AIA.  She has enjoyed learning about the many programs available to students across our nation and to consider how we will build upon the existing foundation and continue to inspire future generations to consider a career in the field of architecture.

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