At, we discovered an additional new resources that will help you in your path to becoming an architect; Ms. Jane Decker has authored a new handbook, Ready, Set, Architect! for your journey.

Ready, Set, Architect! (available on Amazon)

Ready, Set, Architect! is more than just a handbook for navigating an architecture career. It is part memoir, part activity journal, and all inspiration for turning your design degree into a launching pad for lifelong success.

Allow yourself the opportunity to join me on my personal journey through architecture school and my early career, candidly detailing the highs and lows. You will note a tireless work ethic amongst me and my peers, while constantly juggling school projects on minimal sleep and ramen noodles. The thrill of finally landing a job at a top firm, only to face the harsh realities of long hours, unforgiving clients, and cutthroat colleagues. And ultimately, our growing disillusionment with the traditional career track.

We are not alone in this experience. Many architects-in-training find themselves wondering if the stress and uncertainty are worth it. Some even feel guilty for considering other options after investing so much in their degree. Ready, Set, Architect! is here to assure readers that it is not only okay to pivot, but advisable to view architecture as a launchpad rather than a life sentence.

To guide readers on this journey, I have enlisted insight from architect friends at all stages of their own career reinventions. We hear their honest reflections on what they wish they had known, paths not taken, skills gained and lost. These stories will validate your own doubts, while painting a hopeful picture of how an architecture background can transfer to other fields like development, construction management, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

The book goes beyond commiseration to provide practical roadmaps for career transitions. Activity journals help readers reorient their skills and interests for new roles. Job hunting tips tailored to the architect’s resume address common sticking points. And wisdom from those who have successfully made the leap encourages readers to pursue their versions 2.0.

Far from a grim outlook, Ready, Set, Architect! is a celebration of the creativity and perseverance of the architecture student. I hope it inspires readers to appreciate their design education, extract the transferable lessons, and then fearlessly build the career of their dreams. With my guidance, readers can leverage their unique experiences to create lasting success and satisfaction.


Jane Lanahan Decker, RA, CBO, CFM, CRC, Building Department Director

City of Doral, Florida

With a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Miami and a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Nova Southeastern University, Ms. Decker has more than 20 years of experience in the architecture and planning fields, is a registered architect and interior designer, as well as a building code administrator and a NCARB certified professional.  In her present position with the City of Doral, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the department, develops, and implements policies and procedures, and represent the department to various stakeholders.  


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