At, we are constantly seeking out new resources that will help you; well, you will want to check out mentorDINO.  Launched by Katelyn Rossier, a great resource for your path from their newest publication, Design Your Future: A Parent-Student Guide to Architecture Careers to courses for learning essential skills to become an architect.  To visit, click the mentorDINO logo below. 

My journey into architecture started in middle school when I discovered my passion for art, took drafting classes, and found joy in mathematics and physics. This career path marked my independence, steering away from following the crowd.

Navigating the path to becoming an architect was not easy. Picture this: me, sitting in my high school counselor’s office, trying to talk about colleges and architecture programs while he is talking to football players out in the hall from his desk. Not the best situation when trying to get advice.

Fortunately, I had a coffee meeting with an architect, though the details have faded. It provided general insights, but the school process remained unclear. My cousin was also an interior designer at a large firm in Pittsburgh. I was able to shadow an architect to give me a glimpse, yet uncertainty persisted.

Facing rejection from initial programs, I vividly recall tears. Penn State suggested Landscape Architecture, some schools offered a spring semester start, and Kent State’s “second cut” eventually accepted me for the fall. From feeling hindered by my learning disability to triumphantly said, “I DID IT!”–getting into architecture school was a victory. Applying to graduate school, remarkably, was a different experience; I got into all the programs.

College was not a breeze either, with its demanding work ethic and late nights. But it was a learning curve that shaped me. I soon realized I was not alone in my confusion about accredited programs, studio life, and the role of architects. Becoming a tour guide at Kent State allowed me to assist prospective students, offering guidance regardless of their choice of program.

Now, a decade into my career, I launched mentorDINO in 2023 while still working as a full-time architect in a national firm. My mission is to elevate the entire profession by providing education, stories, and training services to fill in gaps in the profession.

In 2024, I released “Design Your Future: A Parent-Student Guide to Architecture Careers.” This handbook addresses the very gaps I encountered, providing insights for high school students and their parents. I even made sure my mom reviewed the book to give her insights from a parent’s perspective. The book offers insights into what an architect does, expectations from school and career, choosing a program, understanding licensure, and additional resources. Ending with a Q/A section, which provides questions to ask an architect, and bonus you get to see my responses! Oh, and do not forget to shadow an architect local to you—it is an invaluable experience!

The book itself can be found via hard copy on Amazon but I also have a digital format on my website if you want to save paper, or just want the information right away. I even made the digital format in 8.5” x 11” so that it is easy for you to print from home.

Beyond the book, I offer resources for AEC professionals, including courses teaching Revit for architects and essential human skills for architects and engineers. A mini-course provides aid to college students in finding their first job or internship. It can be a great spot for tips and advice for interviews, career fairs, portfolios, resumes, etc.

Every Tuesday, I share a professional’s journey through the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE), which is part of the licensure process. I combined the over 60 stories from 2023 into a FREE eBook.

And if you are still unsure about your career direction, tune in to my podcast for inspiration from diverse career journeys within the industry. You can find the podcast and other video resources on YouTube or listen to the full interviews wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts. I highlight professionals in and around the AEC industry to learn their unique career path, what they do, and hear their amazing advice. It is truly inspiring to hear all the different career paths you can take within the overall industry.

So, whether you are just contemplating on studying architecture, looking at the AEC field in general, or between majors, there are all great resources to check out to learn more about where you want to take your career.


Katelyn Rossier – Licensed Architect and Entrepreneur


Owner at mentorDINO, LLC


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