In the past, we have shared resources on the topic of careers BEYOND architecture; as new resources have emerged, we wish to update our listing of resources.

The newest resources (listed below) has NOT yet been released; it becomes available on May 15, 2024.

Architecture’s Afterlife: The Multisector Impact of an Architecture Degree


By Michela Barosio, Dag Boutsen, Andrea Čeko, Haydée De Loof, Johan De Walsche, Santiago Gomes, Harriet Harriss, Roberta Marcaccio, Mia Roth-Čerina, Carla Sentieri

Almost 40% of architecture graduates choose not to practise as architects. Instead, by ‘leaving’ their chosen profession, this surprisingly large but vastly overlooked cohort are making significant contributions to a wide range of other sectors, from politics to videogame design, demonstrating that architectural training can be a pathway to roles, and even leadership opportunities, across a variety of other professions.

Architecture’s Afterlife is the first book to examine the sectors into which these graduates migrate, and to identify the transferable skills that are learned, but not always taught, in their degree programmes, and that prove most useful in their new careers.

Additional publications we have highlighted in the past,

Out of Architecture

By Jake Rudin, Erin Pellegrino

Out of Architecture is both a call to reassess the architecture profession and its education, and a toolkit for graduates and working architects to untangle their skills, passions, and value from traditional architectural practice and consider alternate pathways.

Written by design professionals and expert career consultants, this book is informed by numerous client accounts as well as the authors’ own stories and routes out of architecture. The initial chapters follow the narrative of a typical architecture training in the US, highlighting the many highs and lows, skills honed, and ultimately the huge disconnect that can occur between architectural education and practice. Subsequent chapters explore a disillusionment with the profession, unhealthy work cultures, mentorship, working with lead architects, toxic perfectionism, and the notion of a “calling.” Authors then present the hopeful accounts of many architects who escaped a profession known for its grueling working conditions to find fulfilling, well-paying, creative jobs that better utilize the skills of architecture than the architectural profession itself.


Tangents by Out of Architecture

Tangents share the stories of amazing people doing really cool stuff with their architecture skills.


what kind of architect are you?

Authored by Udo Greinacher

Architecture is commonplace. We inhabit it and use it; it is constantly present; it serves as foreground and background and usually has a story to tell. But apart from its most illustrious makers, we know almost nothing about the people who conceived it: the architects. What Kind of Architect Are You? offers a glimpse into a vast array of professional possibilities and points out meaningful alternatives to the prevailing myth of the “starchitect.”

It provides those in search of an architect with insights into how we work and helps them to formulate expectations. It challenges practitioners to think introspectively and examine how they fit into the architectural spectrum. And finally, the collection documents the cross-section of cultural and architectural practice across America.


Architects After Architecture: Alternative Pathways for Practice

Edited By Harriet HarrissRory HydeRoberta Marcaccio

What can you do with a degree in architecture? Where might it take you? What kind of challenges could you address? Architects After Architecture reframes architecture as a uniquely versatile way of acting on the world, far beyond that of designing buildings.

In this volume, we meet forty practitioners through profiles, case studies, and interviews, who have used their architectural training in new and resourceful ways to tackle the climate crisis, work with refugees, advocate for diversity, start tech companies, become leading museum curators, tackle homelessness, draft public policy, become developers, design video games, shape public discourse, and much more.

Together, they describe a future of architecture that is diverse and engaged, expanding the limits of the discipline, and offering new paths forward in times of crisis. Whether you are an architecture student or a practicing architect considering a change, you’ll find this an encouraging and inspiring read.


And our own publication —

Careers in Architecture and Beyond

Careers in Architecture and Beyond provides insight to the myriad of career paths one can pursue with an architectural education.  More specific, it includes career profiles in each of the following:

  • Architectural Practice
  • Outside Architectural Practice
    • Government and Public Agencies
    • Education and Research
    • Corporation and Institutions
  • Beyond Architecture
    • Engineering and Technical
    • Related Professional
    • Development and Construction
    • Art and Design
    • Entrepreneurship / Consulting
    • Social Impact Design
    • User Experience (UX) Design

Within each of the above career categories include profiles of 32 professionals trained as architects along with career titles to pursue. As well, there is an appendix full of resources, an article on career designing, and a listing of nearly 50 professional associations.


Regardless of your personal career path within architecture, you owe it to yourself to review there resources and fully understand your potential in the profession.

Aside from these resources, check out the following on the website.


Beyond Architecture

Career Profiles



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