Last month, published its annual listing of Architecture Summer Program.  Now, here is our third entry to highlight particular summer programs.

Do you plan on attending an Architecture Summer Program?  If so, great, but if not, rethink your summer plans and consider these programs.  Below is the full listing of Architecture Summer Programs and the previous profiles.

Architecture Summer Programs (Full listing)

Summer Program Profile (Cooper Union and Andrews University)

Summer Program Profiles II (Illinois Institute of Technology and. University of Maryland)


ONLINE: North Carolina at Charlotte, Univ. of – Charlotte, NC – Architecture Summer Program

June. 6 – 12, 2021 (1 week) – High School (must be 16 years of age by June 1)

Online: Yes

Program Description: The UNC Charlotte School of Architecture Summer Design Academy 2021 is a one-week program June 6 – June 12 that will introduce high school students to the discipline and study of architecture.

For 2021, the program will be held entirely online/remote. Students will gain a comprehensive introduction to critical issues in contemporary design education, practice and architectural history.

Content: You will be introduced to a wide range of topics and ideas in architecture through a series of virtual presentations, workshops, projects and discussions. Each of these activities will help you learn what it is like to study in the School of Architecture (SoA) at UNC Charlotte and will aid in the development of a design portfolio.

SoA faculty and invited guests (local architects, designers and artists) will provide online presentations each day of the program in order to introduce you to the different elements and opportunities in architecture and design. You will also be given the opportunity to work in groups led by current SoA students on design projects throughout the week.

Workshops will introduce various analog and digital skill sets that SoA students use on a regular basis. These sessions will help participants become familiar with the wide range of methodologies that are used in an architectural education.

Group and individual projects will focus on ways to explore specific architectural concepts utilizing an array of analog and digital media. Participants will work with faculty and SoA students to make drawings, models and constructions at varying sizes, scales and levels of complexity.

Participants will be encouraged to engage in frequent formal and informal discussions about the program themes, selected readings and their role in design projects. These conversations will help develop a basic understanding of the vocabulary used to discuss design while introducing important historical and contemporary works of architecture.

Cost and Fees: Program Cost: $215.00

Deadline: May. 28, 2021

Ball State University – Muncie, IN – DesignWorks Summer Academy

July 11 – 23, 2021 – (2 weeks) – High School

Program Description: The DesignWorks Summer Academy is an opportunity to experience Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning. During the Academy, high school students will experience a variety of design fields such as architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Attendees will work closely with both faculty and current college students, who take an active role in the learning process and engage individual students to teach the basics of structural and environmental design.

During the academy, you will be tasked with a variety of design scenarios that test their creative problem-solving abilities. This academy is meant to emulate the design studio experience which is both social and educational, and students will grow closer to their peers by working through design problems. Although the coursework will keep you busy, there will still be time to relax and have fun.

Upon completion, you will have a portfolio of work (a required component for the application for many accredited college interior design programs), an official certificate of completion, and a waiver for a CAP 3-credit hour elective course if the student decides to apply and major in architecture, landscape architecture or urban planning at Ball State University.

If you want to find out if a career in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning is right for you, attend DesignWorks Academy.

Cost and Fees: Program cost will be announced soon.

Requirements: The academy is open to high school students of all backgrounds and professional interests. To attend, you must have

  • completed your sophomore or junior year of high school
  • rank in the top 20 percent of your high school class with a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better on a 4.0 scale or have a combined PSAT score of 1100 and a GPA of 3.0 (B) or better on a 4.0 scale


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