Earlier this month, published its annual listing of Architecture Summer Program.  Now, here is our second series of profiles on particular summer programs.  In this case, I was directly involved with these two programs for a period of time.

In the case of IIT, I created with program with the help of faculty, Ellen Grimes back in the mid-1990s.  It started as a one-week, day-program.  While design was the central point, we introduced the students to other aspects of architecture – drawing, building, seeing.  It was for this reason, we called it Experiment in Architecture.

What I remember most about the Maryland program was the field trips; we took two during the program – one down to Washington, DC while the other was visiting Baltimore.  In DC, half of the group would tour the National Mall and its monuments – Lincoln, Vietnam Wall, Washington while the other half of the group would visit the U.S. Capitol (very cool).  In Baltimore, we would visit the Baltimore Orioles Ball Park at Camden Yards including the dugouts; in the afternoon, we would break into smaller groups and visit architectural offices.

Now, do you want to be an architect? Do you want to study architecture?  Are you ready to start your path to becoming an architect?  If so, consider attending one of the many architecture summer programs across the country and abroad.  Participating in one of these exciting, hands-on programs is a probably the best ways to learn more about architecture as a major, and as a career path.


For this session, we will highlight the following:

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) – Chicago, IL – Experiment in Architecture / IntroARCH

IIT also has additional programs for college students.

ONLINE: Maryland, University of – College Park, MD – Discovering Architecture


Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago, IL – Experiment in Architecture / IntroARCH

June 20 – July 3; July 11 – 24, 2021 (2 weeks) – High School

Program Description: Students will tour the city of Chicago, complete a series of design projects, and attend lectures by IIT faculty.  The program is intended to inform students about the study and practice of architecture and will assist participants in making informed decision about pursuing an architectural education and career.  All individuals interested in pursuing a career in the design and building professions are encouraged to attend.

Experiment in Architecture is held on Illinois Institute of Technology’s historic Main Campus, offering unique access to the largest collection of Mies van der Rohe buildings anywhere.  Teachers and students take advantage of Chicago as a dynamic laboratory of architectural speculation and discovery.  Since enrollment is limited to 30 students, students can expect individual attention their studio instructors.

The program includes field trips to Chicago’s architectural landmarks and architectural offices.   Instruction in freehand sketching with an emphasis on interpreting and visualizing the world around us, studio classes with an emphasis on design through tw-dimensional (2-D) representations and three-dimensional (3-D) constructions and a session on developing and focusing career plans.

Cost and Fees: Program Cost: $2,395


ONLINE: Maryland, University of – College Park, MD – Discovering Architecture

July 11 – 30, 2021 (3 weeks) – High School

Sample Course Syllabus: – worth reading for more details.

If you dream of designing buildings, bridges, or parks, discover the possibilities in this hands-on course.  The course is designed to assist you in making an intelligent choice about a possible career in architecture.  You will learn about careers in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Get the chance to learn basic design principles that you will use to complete your own deisgn project.  You will work on active learning design projects and interact with graduate students in architecture while gaining a taste of what it is like to be an architecture student.  Experience creative, innovative ways to view the world through architectural design thinking.

Cost and Fees: Program Cost: – see course syllabus for course materials needed


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We wish you well in your quest for academic success and do let us know how we can help you.


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