Earlier in the spring, we posted an essay entitled, Summer – What to Do 2024.  Now, that it is June, let’s us revisit.

What are you doing this summer?  For most, you are probably working.  Are you working in the profession?  If not, what are you doing instead?

Summer Career Position

High School

A valuable opportunity is to gain a summer position in an architecture firm or related employer.  At one level, you may not think you would be hired, but you do not know unless you contact them.  Be sure to network with your family, friends, or teachers to connect with firms.  Even if you cannot gain a position, inquire about a shadow experience.  Do NOT work for free but having the experience in a firm can be valuable.

College Student:

No matter your academic year, you should pursue a summer position in an architecture firm or related employer.  If you are a first- or second year, you may think you do not have the experience or skills needed by an employer.  Regardless, go for it because there are variables that could still land you a position.  Two sources to connect you will potential employers are listed below:

Campus Career Center: Most architecture students do not typically frequent their campus career center but should.  Many campus career centers connect students directly to employers, but they also provide workshops on resume-writing, interviewing, networking, and other topics that can help.

Program Career Fair: Many architecture programs host a college fair bringing architecture firms to campus to connect / interview with students.  You should absolutely attend even if you must miss class to connect / network with visiting firms.

If you are not able to secure a position in an architecture firm, do not worry; your time will come but do try and secure a position that will improve your skills.  At minimum, refer to our newest resource –

Firms –

Develop Skills

Regardless of your level, take the time this summer to develop your skills to become a better architect; you can do this via coursework or other sources like LinkedIN Learning.

Coursework: Many current architecture students take courses in the summer; most will take general education courses at an area community college.  Doing so will reduce your credit load during the academic semesters; if you plan to do so, be sure to consult your academic advisor to confirm the courses will transfer.

Sketching – While computer skills are important, sketching or freehand drawing it just as important; what is cool is all you need is a sketchbook and pencil.  A former student would take 15-20 minutes or more during their lunch and sketch their environment.

Computer / Software Skills – Clearly, another set of skills to develop is your computer skills; there are a number of software to learn and improve – Autodesk, Adobe and others (see list)

Research – Another skill important is research – research career fields, firms, summer programs, architecture programs for high school students or graduate programs for current students.  Regardless, take time this summer to research what you want to learn.

Architecture Summer Program: Read the statement below that highly encourages you to participate in a summer architecture program.  Review the list of Architecture Summer Programs below to begin your journey in becoming an architect.

Research Colleges: Depending on your academic year in high school, you may wish to consider researching potential architecture programs for your future college choice.  Probably the best online resource is the following:

Do enjoy your summer!


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