Last month, we finished our series of articles on Selecting a Program.  Here were the topics for Selecting a Program:

But recently we were asked by the School of Architecture, College of Arts + Architecture, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) to promote their upcoming Graduate Open House on Friday, October 30, 2020. does NOT have a vehicle to promote Graduate Open House, so we declined but we thought we could expand our series by discussing Graduate Open Houses.

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • College of Arts + Architecture
  • School of Architecture
  • Graduate Open House – Virtual Event –
  • Friday, October 30, 2020

Graduate Open Houses

Prior to COVID, Graduate Open Houses were an excellent means to visit a campus and interact with students and faculty.  You would have an opportunity to see the facilities and view student work up close.  If you have never been to the locale of the school, you can see the local town or city.  Graduate Open Houses were an essential tool in making your decision.  However, the issue was the cost of time and money.  Many times, these events were held on a Friday making it nearly impossible to attend if you were a current undergraduate or even an emerging professional.

Now, these events are online making it much easier to attend.  Granted, you do NOT get to visit in-person, but you do have a chance to interact with faculty and students. At the event at UNCC, you would have an introduction to the Master of Architecture and other degrees along with having a discussion with current students.

When you attend a Graduate Open House, be prepared with questions to ask both the faculty and students represented.  Even try to have discussions with other prospective student as they may be your classmates.

Another question to consider is whether or not you attend an Open House in the fall as you apply or in the spring after you learn of your admission decision.  Attending in the fall is helpful as you can discuss questions on the application process and how a program makes decisions.  Attending in the spring may be more helpful as you know are admitted and can discuss financial aid options.

Other Choices

If because of schedule or other reason you cannot attend a Graduate Open House, what else can you do.  At minimum, visit their website for details on the program, but also contact them to schedule a phone appointment with the director or graduate director.  Ask for the names of current students or recent alumni to connect with to discuss the program.  Many programs are still having remote lecture series – attend to learn more about the culture / life of the program.

Graduate Open Houses are an excellent way to determine if a program is a good fit for you; definitely take advantage of these events.

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