So, you wish to become an architect – Congratulations!  But what is the process – Just recently, we outlined the three major steps, namely 1) education, 2) experience, and 3) examination.  You are encouraged to review these steps are we start our next discussion on “Selecting a Program.”

One could argue that the most important decision along the path to becoming an architect is the architecture program to which you will attend.  It is a critical decision but not to worry – you can make adjustments as needed.  While sometimes challenging, there have been many students who have transferred from one program to another.  As well, if you pursue the 4+2 route, you can attend one program for your undergraduate years and a different one for your graduate years.

Over the next few entries, will review the different aspects of the process.

  • Resources available to you to research architecture programs.
  • Criteria to consider when making the decision
  • Discussion of the actual application process
  • Scholarships / Financial Aid – funding your architectural education

However, to get started, do you have specific questions on the decision-making process especially in this challenging time of COVID-19?

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