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CAREER PROFILES is pleased to announce an additional resource on its website, namely career profiles.  In our opinion, a tremendous way to learn more about the profession of architecture is to read the career profiles of individuals in the profession.

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Career profiles of architecture students, emerging professionals, educators, and practitioners are a wonderful resource for personal stories.

Some profiles highlight the traditional path of an architect within a private architecture firm, while others describe related settings in which an architect might work—corporations, government agencies, and education and research.

One source of career profiles is Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design  Within the book, are career profiles of nearly 50 individuals in all aspects of the profession.  Some are architecture students, some are emerging professionals, and some are architects.  Some are in traditional architecture while others in careers beyond architecture.



Madame Architecture

Madame Architect is a platform celebrating women in architecture from different generations, countries, and corners of the industry. Some are just beginning their career while others own their own firms. Some stand out for their research, others for their technical prowess, and others for the success they’ve had building a firm with an impact.


Great Designer Library

Great Designers Library is a platform to be a resource to potential employers—developers looking for diverse architects to hire for a project—and to students who feel diversity is missing from their architecture educations. She also plans to use the list to lobby architectural textbook companies to expand the canon of “greats” they teach. With a quick Google search, Sablan shows me the that currently, the top 50 results for the keywords “great architect” include only one woman, nine minority architects and zero African Americans, though the list ranges in time period from Renaissance to present-day. After a big social media push in the last two months, her Library now includes 415 diverse designers from around the globe.



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