Back in late January, released the 2020 Architecture Summer Programs listing (see below) as it has done for over the last ten years.  It was nothing particularly special.  Each program offered included its location, website, and dates.

2020 Architecture Summer Programs

However, late April, we received a notification from one of the programs that their program would be cancelled for the coming summer due to COVID-19.  Not surprisingly, additional programs joined in cancelling, but many also kept their program and announced that it would transition to an online format.

Now, as summer full approaches, there are over 50 programs that will offering their program via an online format.  So, if you are an aspiring architect, you truly have NO excuse but to participate in one of them.

To start, you may wish to review the following factors to consider when deciding which is the best program for you – a) audience, b) length, c) cost & scholarship.

Factors to Consider for Architecture Summer Programs

While most of the programs are targeted for high school students, some are for either current college students or recent graduates.  As you might guess, the length of each programs varies – some are only a week, while others are longer – even 5 weeks.  The cost will also vary – ranging from free to $500 to upwards of $2500.  Be sure to shop around and inquire about possible scholarships.

One factor to still consider is the institution as the program will still be an opportunity to learn about is approach to architecture.  You will have a chance to interact with the faculty.  Granted, you will NOT be on campus as in past years; regardless, the program will still help you determine if you might apply later.

As well, read the guest article from Danielle S. Willkens, PhD, Assoc. AIA, FRSA, LEED AP BD+C, Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.  In the article, Dr. Willkens provides insight on what to expect from an online architecture summer program.  You will quickly learn the difference between working synchronously and asynchronously (what?).

Virtual Design Studio

If you had originally planned to attend an Architecture Summer Program, you should still do so – the benefits certainly outweigh the costs.  But, if you had not planned on it or possibly pulled you attendance due to the online format, we highly recommend that you still plan to participate.  It will be worth your effort.



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