In the past, we have provided more than a handful of essays on resources related to Careers in Architecture and Beyond.  Well, we have a few MORE resources (albeit from the past) for you to review and learn.  It is amazing that these articles from about 30 years ago.  Despite, these articles are still helpful.

Alternative Careers Progressive Architecture July 1990

Practice Alternatives Architect Magazine May 1992

Alternative Careers Progressive Architecture July 1993

It is worth repeating that an architectural education is excellent preparation for many career paths beyond architecture.  In fact, the career possibilities with an architectural education are truly limitless.

Career paths beyond traditional practice tap into the creative-thinking and problem-solving skills developed from an architectural education.  The interest in these paths is growing; emerging professionals indicate that nearly one-fifth do not plan on pursuing a traditional career in architecture although they still plan to obtain their license.  – Archinect, “Working out of the Box”

First, has a dedicated resource page to Beyond Architecture.  Constantly expanding, the Beyond Architecture resource page has links to a number or articles on the topic and lists of professional associations in a few related career fields including

  • Architectural History
  • Construction
  • Design (Graphic, Industrial, Furniture, Lighting)
  • Historic Preservation
  • Interior Design
  • Planning / Landscape Architecture
  • Technical / Engineering
  • Community Service

Additional resources include:

Beyond Architecture: Two Publications – dated August 8, 2021

what kind of architect are you?

Authored by Udo Greinacher

Architects After Architecture: Alternative Pathways for Practice

Edited By Harriet HarrissRory Hyde, Roberta Marcaccio


Whether you are an architecture student or a practicing architect considering a change, do review these materials to assist you in your transition.




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