Over the last few years, I have attended five graduations / commencements including one this week; my spouse graduated with another graduate degree while each of my three daughters graduated with their undergraduate degree; the fifth graduation is this week as one of my daughters graduates with her graduate degree.  Of course, I am not done as another daughter will graduate in four years with her doctorate degree.

Graduations this spring also hold another special place – it was 40 years ago (yes, 40 years) that I graduated with my Bachelor of Science (preprofessional degree) from the University of Michigan.  40 years is a long time, but I can still remember many of the good times.

Commencement speaker was Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News anchor

Will you graduate this spring?  If so, congratulations.  Congratulations on the well-deserved accomplishment of completing your degree.  And congratulations on the start of your “life” after graduation.

But wait – what is the difference between graduation and commencement?  In some respect, they are the same – see definitions below.

Graduation – the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.

Commencement – a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.

However, the term commencement also has the additional definition: a beginning or start.

So, while, both celebrate your degree, the latter – commencement highlights the beginning of your life after your degree.

What are your plans as you begin your life?

For many graduating with a preprofessional undergraduate degree is architecture, the next step is an additional degree.  Many graduates with the B.S. degree will continue directly to the Master of Architecture.  Others will take time away from education to pursue their professional career and return later for their graduate degree.  But the vast majority will be graduating with the NAAB Professional degree (see below) and enter the workforce.

According to the 2022 NAAB Annual Report, the following accredited degree (6,459) were awarded in AY 2021-22: 3,660 (57%) MArch and DArch, 2,799 (43%) BArch.  In addition, 4,369 preprofessional degrees were awarded.

Regardless of what you do next, know that individuals in your life (family and friends) are very proud of your accomplishment and will always be on your side.


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