Over the past few months, has expanded its resource offerings.  Below are those new resources and links to them.


During much of the fall, we have outlined the process of Selecting a Program.  In all, it covered the following topics.

Plus, there is more detail in the following:

Selecting a Program


One resource worth visiting is the Career Profiles; included are profiles of architecture students, emerging professionals and architects both within traditional and non-traditional roles / beyond architecture.

Over the coming months, additional profiles will be added to the resource.


One of the primary issues is pursuing an architectural education is the cost; as such one of the primary resources is SCHOLARSHIPS.  Listed are scholarships both national-level, regional, and local.  Many scholarships are provided by AIA components.  Scholarships provided by architecture programs are NOT listed.  Thus, be sure to connect with your program or desired program if applying about funding sources.


The BEST resource on the website is our annual listing of Architecture Summer Programs.  Although it is only early November, our listing for Summer 2021 is up and running.  Clearly, not many programs have set dates yet for Summer 2021, but some programs have determined their dates.

COVID-19 impacted the programs for Summer 2020 and may well do the same for 2021.  Regardless, our intention is to collect programs dates for 2021 and post on the website accordingly between now and the end of January 2021.

It is our belief that these Architecture Summer Programs are an excellent way to “test the waters” and determine if architecture is a career path for you.  To learn more about the basics (length, format and cost) of these programs, check out the following:

Architecture Summer Programs: The Basics


What additional resources should include?  Let us know —

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