Congratulations! You are now an architecture student and embarking on the first and most critical phase of becoming an architect.  As you start, consider the following:

Introduce yourself to your faculty: Within the first few weeks of the semester, attend the office hours of your faculty to introduce yourself.  Why?  To introduce yourself and discuss the course and learn what is the best way to succeed in the course.  I taught an introductory architecture course with almost 200 students – I can count on one hand how many students came to my office hours. Besides, these faculty may write you letters of recommendation or refer you to future positions.

Become engaged: When you first start college, there will plenty of opportunities to “become engaged.”  Regardless of your interest, take the initiative and become involved. Attend the lectures provided by the architecture program, consider joining a student club to develop leadership skills and make new friends who are NOT architecture majors.

See and Draw: As an architecture student, you will want to develop your seeing and drawing skills; I was NOT good at drawing and wish I would have taken this advice to SEE and DRAW every day.  And this is hand drawing – not digital.

Visit the Architecture Library: One of your best resources is the Architecture Library; do not wait for your professor to tell you to visit.  Visit on your own and develop a relationship with the librarian.  Do NOT rely on Google searches for everything.


Attend class: For some reason, some beginning students think you can skip class in college; you cannot!  Unless you are on your death bed, you MUST attend class.  Not because I am telling you to do so, but because attending college is your full-time job.  As a freshman, I had mononucleosis – I was sick but did not miss a class session.

Do the work: It may go without saying, but do the work as assigned in your course; in fact, do more than what is required.  You may need to improve your “task management” skills.  Also, DO the work in STUDIO; do NOT use the excuse of a laptop to do your work in your residence.  Remember, you learn much from your classmate.

Sit in the front row: In your larger class-size courses; SIT in the front row of the classroom. Sit in the front row for improved listening, seeing, and connecting with the faculty.  Plus, you will NOT be distracted.  Trust me, you will do better in the course from the front.

Ask for help: Do NOT attempt to do college by yourself; ask for HELP from your faculty, classmates, various offices on campus and even your parents.  Do not let any issue linger on when you can be addressed on the spot.

And lastly, Take time for Yourself!  College is NOT all about work and learning.  Within reason, do something you enjoy – exercise, read (for fun), watch TV/movies – bottom line, your physical and mental health is paramount.

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