Last week, my wife and I helped on our three daughters move back to her campus for her senior year of college.  Another returned directly to her campus from her summer position in another state to start her student teaching.  While the third is starting an online graduate program from the comfort of our home.

What I did not realize until last week was that the academic year was starting for all three of them this past Monday, August 21, 2022.  Yes, summer is unofficially over and the academic year 2022-2023 has begun.

But with the start of the academic year, what are ABSOLUTES you must do to ensure a successful year.

First, much of what you can do was covered in a recent post.

4 Steps to Straight As

In a nutshell – to achieve academic success:

1) Go to Class

2) Do the Work

3) Sit in the Front Row

4) Ask for Help


But there is more as the academic year begins

Review the Course Syllabus – In a roundabout way, the course syllabus is the contract between you and the professor.  Read fully to understand all that is required of you from the course.

Enter Course Requirements into Calendar – Enter the key dates (exams, quizzes, deadlines, etc.) from each of courses into a calendar.  Granted, course requirements may change, but you want to begin to see the academic semester before you.

Buy a calendar – Yes, obtain a calendar that works for you that you can reference at any time.  You decide if it is a hard copy or digital one.

Meet new Friends – Regardless of your academic year, use the start of the new academic year to meet new people and make friends.  The start of the academic year is a great time to meet new people (classmates, etc.).

Where will you Study – Many architecture students make the mistake to STUDY at their design studio; your design studio is for DESIGN studio only.  Where will you study for the remainder of your courses – library, place of residence, etc.

When will you Study? – Did you know that there are 168 hours in a week?  How much time will you need to dedicate to your coursework and when during the week will you do it.  Many students do it in the evenings like high school, but you may have time during the morning or the day.

Know the Campus Resources – If you became ill, do you know where the Campus Health Services is located?  Take the first few weeks of the semester to become familiar with the vast array of campus resources.  Ask upper-class students or faculty / staff as needed.

Call / Text you Parents – As a parent, I will also suggest you call / text your parents at least once a week if not more.  When I was in college (many moons ago), I remember writing lots of letters as phone calls were long distance.  Besides, you did not get mail if you did not send them.


Although a few years old, the following articles also provides some insight on the start of the new academic year.

5 Tips to Start College off on the Right Foot


11 Piece of Advice about Starting College


In conclusion, have a great success in the coming academic year.



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