If you do not already know, you will quickly learn that as an architect you will collect architecture books.  Sometimes, too many books.  Recently, we CLEANED out our architecture book library.

And YOU can now take advantage! Granted, there are a few years old, but these books are classic in an architectural education.  And the price is right!  Plus, all these books are in GREAT condition.  For the most part, they have NEVER been used.  These low prices are considerably less than any used book website.

To help you learn the details of the book, the listing on Amazon is provided.

If you wish to purchase any of these books, send an email to  Please note that there is an additional $10 for shipping with each request.


The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 15th Edition (2014)

$35.00 (Original List Price: $157.48)

The Image of the City (Kevin Lynch, 1960)

$5.00 (Original List Price: $29.00)

Architectural Graphics, 4th Edition (Francis D.K. Ching, 2003)

$5.00 (Original List Price: $39.95)

Architectural Graphics, 5th Edition (Francis D.K. Ching, 2009) – 2 copies

$7.50 (Original List Price: $45.00)

Introduction to Architecture (Francis D.K. Ching, 2013) – 3 copies

$10.00 (Original List Price: $55.00)

Building Construction Illustrated (Francis D.K. Ching, 2008) – 2 copies

$10.00 (Original List Price: $49.99)

Architecture: Form, Space, and Order (Francis D.K. Ching, 2007)

$10.00 (Original List Price: $45.00)

Building Construction: Principles, Materials and Systems (M. Mehta, 2013)

$15.00 (Original List Price: $186.65)

Drawn to Design (Eric Jenkins, 2013)


The Nature of Design (Faimon & Weigand, 2004)

$5.00 (Original List Price: $32.99)

So, do not miss on this opportunity to add to your architectural library.  If interested in any of these book(s), do contact with choice and contact information (mailing address).  We will reply with payment directions via Venmo.  Remember, an additional $10 for shipping will be added for each order.

Do take advantage of our cleaning out the architectural library to add to your library.

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