Pivot and Expand Your Career in Architecture

Later this week, the AIA Convention in Las Vegas, NV begins (June 6-8).  For many years, I attended the AIA Convention and presented on a few different topics including Speed Mentoring and Designing your Career. 

Unfortunately, I will NOT be attending this year.  I had hoped to attend but the proposal that I submitted along with a colleague was not accepted.  Below is the title of the proposed session and the details. 

Pivot and Expand Your Career in Architecture

Summary: Expand your career trajectory in architecture by learning how training in architecture can be applied to many diverse career pathways. During this session participants will be coached on their own career planning and will walk away inspired to expand and excel in their career pursuits.

Abstract: Unsure if traditional practice is right for you? An architectural education is diverse and broad, allowing architects and designers the opportunity to pursue a variety of careers in various related and non-related fields. Our team of industry panelists will guide participants through the process of considering and transferring their knowledge in architecture into a new career path.

Referencing our session resource, “Careers Options: Opportunities in Architecture”, participants will explore the tools they need in order to bridge into a new career path. Featured practitioners will share insight on their own transitions from traditional practice, highlighting how their architectural education translated to make them the right candidate for their new role.  Participants will leave this session with an understanding of how their skill sets can be applied within the greater building industry, and what resources are available to help them transition.

While it was disappointing that the session proposal was not accepted, I will argue that the topic of careers in architecture and beyond is even more important.  I have spent much of my professional career on researching the topic and reporting it.  Below are a few articles to review.

Career Opportunities after Architecture School

Careers in Architecture and Beyond

Over the next few blog entries, I will highlight a few individuals / professional colleagues who have pursued careers beyond the traditional path of an architect.

Are you in a career path beyond architecture?  Contact me @ archcareersguide@gmail.com with your story.

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