Amazingly or not amazingly, my three daughters graduated this past week (on Friday, May 24).  I say amazingly, because they were just toddlers growing up or so it seemed; they just started high school and now they are graduating and moving to the next step of their life – college.  Further proof that life does travel fast.

Are you graduating this spring?  From high school, from college, from graduate studies?  Whatever it may be, CONGRATULATIONS!  You deserve all of the attention because of your hard work and sacrifice.  But what does graduation mean?  Of course, I went to GOOGLE and found the following:

It means opportunity and freedom.  It gives you the chance to go out in to the world and do what you want.  To choose a career or school that is perfect for you. It means being able to find pride and happiness in your work and life. Graduation means you survived the ?#%! called high school.

While graduation can be seen as an event or celebration – it truly is much more.  It is a transition from one chapter in your life to another.  For high school, that transition includes more than just heading to college; it includes leaving your family.  For college, the transition includes leaving the best four years of your life to the real world (or perhaps graduate school).  No matter, graduation is a transition.

Are you ready for this transition?  Recognize that graduation (transition) will NOT be the first of your life nor the last.  You will have a number during your life – thus, it is important to learn how to survive them or ENJOY them.  If you are going thru a transition, it means you are growing or better yet, LIVING.

GRADUATION is a celebration of your accomplishments!  Take this positive energy and utilize it to propel you to the next chapter of your life.

Congratulations, daughters!

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