We are not exactly sure when, but earlier in the fall, we learned of a new resource (book) entitled, Out of Architecture: The Value of Architects Beyond Traditional Practice (2023) by Jake Rudin and Erin Pellegrino.  Well, the book just launched on November 10 and. We had our copy the next day.

What follows is NOT a book review but rather an introduction based on its listing on Amazon and the website of the authors.  Of course, we plan to read over the coming weeks.

The reason for wanting to obtain and read is because it is the third book is slightly more than a year focusing on this topic of – pursuits beyond traditional practice.  Below is the essay on the previous two publications on ARCHCareersGuide.com.  Of this does not include our own Careers in Architecture and Beyond.

Beyond Architecture: Two Publications.


what kind of architect are you?


Authored by Udo Greinacher

Architects After Architecture: Alternative Pathways for Practice


Edited By Harriet HarrissRory HydeRoberta Marcaccio

So, here are the details on the new resource (book)


Out of Architecture (2023)


Publisher: Routledge

Paperback: 226 pages

ISBN-10: 1032292946

ISBN-13: 978-1032292946


From its opening pages:

Out of Architecture is both a call to reassess the architecture profession and its education, and a toolkit for graduates and working architects to untangle their skills, passions, and value from traditional architectural practice and consider alternate pathways.

About the authors

Erin Pellegrino and Jake Rudin co-founded Out of Architecture in 2018. Out of Architecture is a career consulting firm helping architects and designers find challenging and creatively fulfilling roles beyond the bounds of traditional architectural practice.

Out of Architecture (Career Consulting)


Both are involved with Out of Architecture, a career consulting firm helping designers apply their incredible talents in untraditional ways


Podcast from Out of Architecture

Transitioning careers can be a daunting challenge. Through this podcast, we’re highlighting some of our favorite stories from the amazing people we’ve met along our journey as architects and career consultants.

Back cover comments

Out of Architecture does not simply problematize architecture as a profession that devours its young through overwork and underpay because of their passion for design. Drawing on their experiences as students, working designers, and career consultants, the authors give practical advice, moral support, and proven alternatives to conventional practice. They show how to rebalance life and work by reimagining and repurposing design values and skills already learned. Amidst the Great Resignation and stirrings of collective action among architectural workers, Out of Architecture could not be more timely or necessary.” ―Mary N. Woods, Professor Emerita, History of Architecture, Cornell University, USA

“Yes, the authors of this book are career consultants and yes, they have MBAs, but do not be deceived – the practicality of their advice is more than matched by the humanity they bring to their narrative and the love they show for architectural sensibilities. Any architectural graduate who is honored to be part of this club but is dismayed by the tasks they will or do perform in the profession, has to read this book.” ―Peggy Deamer, Professor Emerita, Architecture, Yale University, USA

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Disconnect

  1. Love at First Sight
  2. An Education
  3. The Disconnect
  4. When the Dream Becomes a Nightmare

Part 2: Why is it Like This?

  1. Welcome to the Family
  2. Perfect Gentlemen
  3. The Insecure Overachiever
  4. Imploding Team
  5. The False Dichotomy of Pay and Passion

Part 3: Your Career is a Design Problem

  1. The Newbie
  2. The Techie
  3. The Fashionistx
  4. The Questioner
  5. The Association Principal



We will certainly provide more insight!


Given the topic of today’s essay, be sure to download (free) our newest resource, Careers in Architecture and Beyond. Be sure to download the full publication at the following:


Careers in Archetecture and Beyond - Book Cover


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