Last week, we announced a surprise announcement; well, here it is!  Below is the press release of our newest resource. launches new resource — Careers in Architecture and Beyond

September 23, 2022: is pleased to announce the launching of its newest resource for aspiring architects – Careers in Architecture and Beyond.  With inspiration from its predecessor, Career Options: Opportunities through Architecture (AIAS, 1993) edited by Christine West (Malecki), Careers in Architecture and Beyond is the updated guide to careers in architecture and beyond for architecture students, recent graduates, and emerging professionals.

More than anything, it provides insight to the myriad of career paths one can pursue with a degree in architecture.  Careers in Architecture and Beyond is the resource that highlight careers in and beyond traditional practice.

Careers in Architecture and Beyond includes careers in each of the following sections:

  • Architectural Practice
  • Outside Architectural Practice
  • Beyond Architecture

Careers in Archetecture and Beyond - Book Cover

Within each of the sections includes profiles of 32 professionals trained as architects along with potential career titles.  Beyond the profiles are an appendix full of resources, an article on career designing, and a listing of professional associations. helps you launch your journey in becoming an architect; we provide resources such as outlining the path, links to valuable websites including architecture programs, career information, and architecture summer programs.

Remember, has several resources for your path to becoming an architect.


Resource: Architecture Programs

Resource: Architecture Summer Programs

Resource: Scholarships

Resource: College Fairs / Career Days


We do hope you will access and enjoy this NEW resource!  Do let us know your thoughts on Careers in Architecture and Beyond —


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