At the end of last week (Friday, September 22, 2022), we launched our newest resource, Careers in Architecture and Beyond. The link to last week’s blog essay is below.


Now, here are some of the words from those profiled that demonstrate an architectural education is excellent preparation regardless of the career path.

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My work allows me to cater architectural improvements to the individual resident’s need, which then improves their block and encourages their neighbors to care for their homes as well.

Fatima Benhaddou, Project Manager

Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH), Chicago, IL


For me, architecture school taught me how to think outside the box and solve real world problems in a variety of new and different ways.

Kaitlin Rossi, Technology Education Teacher

Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL


As you evolve as an architect your knowledge of construction technologies and your architectural vocabulary expands and allows you to grow within the profession.

Andre A. Vega, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP, Project Manager

Moody Nolan, Boston, MA


The most fulfilling part of my work is that while I may not be involved in a single project from start to finish, I am involved in the masonry design of many notable projects.

Scott Conwell, FAIA, FCSI, CDT, LEED AP, Director of Industry Development & Technical Services

International Masonry Institute (IMI), Chicago, IL


I integrate my knowledge of architecture, engineering, computer application development, organizational design, and strategic planning to acquire and work with clients to increase functional and operational use while lowering total cost of operations and ensure effective facility use.

Robin Michael Ellerthorpe, FAIA, Senior Consultant

PSMJ Resources, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI


The technical knowledge gained through an education in architecture, combined with field experience, makes a well-rounded construction professional.

Stephanie Adamczyk, Director of Construction

Ryan Companies US, Inc., Naperville, IL


As an architecture student, I learned to question – What is the end goal?  How should it make the viewer feel?  In practice, it is a matter of piecing together the project to create the best outcome possible, the experience.

Heather Brown, Co-owner / Producer / Editor

Rusty Dog Films, Inc., Chicago, IL


Building a new business has been a life changing experience – I would highly recommend it!

Marc Teer, Founder & CEO
Black Spectacles, Chicago, IL


The motivation, technical knowledge, and creative problem-solving skills obtained throughout my architecture education have been invaluable.

Caitlin Mulligan-Ankony, Senior Specification Sales, Director of Business Development

Southern California Illumination, Los Angeles, CA


Additional words of wisdom from the career profiles will be forthcoming.

Also, let us know your thoughts on the publication.


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