As you already know, is all about helping you become an architect.  We do that through providing you with resources to have you become aware of opportunities and make informed decisions.

Below are some of the highlighted Resources under the corresponding menu choice from


Resource: Architecture Programs


Resource: Architecture Summer Programs


Resource: Scholarships


Resource: College Fairs / Career Days


Well, is excited to share that a new resource will be launched by the beginning of October; we are just about two weeks from sharing this new resource that has been in the making for a few years.

Plus, this resource will benefit all audiences – architecture students, architectural graduates, emerging professionals, and architects.

But why share this now and not wait until it is launched?

The big reason is to build anticipation!  Is it working?  Are you excited about this new RESOURCE?

We certainly hope so.

We will launch this new RESOURCE on / near October 1, 2022

We do hope YOU will return to gain this NEW resource.  We promise that it will be worth the time and effort.




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