Amazingly, the end of the fall semester is upon us.  Can you believe it?  True, you may still have projects and final exams, but the end of the semester is very near.  Soon, you will be heading home to celebrate your break and enjoy some needed rest.

But aside from sleeping in and enjoying time with families, there are some tasks that you may wish to accomplish before the start of the spring semester.


Connect with Faculty: To the extent possible, meet up with your faculty prior to your departure from campus to gain some insight on your work for the semester.  Do not rely only on your semester grade to provide you with feedback.  This is especially true for your studio course.  Whether this is your first semester or last, you want to know what you did well and how you can improve for the next semester.

But also meet with your other faculty for the same reasons.


Document Studio Work: When the semester ends, there is a tendency for simply state the semester is over and relax until the next one.  But take the time over the break to document your studio work for your portfolio.  As well, review what was shared during your last studio review and improve your project accordingly.  Do the same for projects you may have done earlier in the semester as well.


Organize your Coursework: Do the same for your courses other than studio; review all the hard work you did and organize it for future reference for courses you will take later in the curriculum.  Besides, courses in architecture often build from each other.  And you may wish to use your notes, homework, etc. later when you are preparing for the ARE.


Keep your Books: While there may be a desire to sell all your textbooks back for the money; try to ignore the desire and keep them.  Architects and architecture students all have a book collection.  College is a great time to start your collection.  Perhaps not amazing, I still have my copy of Experiencing Architecture by Steen Eiler Rasmussen, Hon. FAIA from my first course in architecture.

Stay Engaged over Break: If you are already not aware, you will learn that architecture is more than just a subject to learn.  Thus, do what you can to stay engaged with it over break.  Sketch, read, draw, see architecture.  Learn a new software or develop your skill in on you already know.  As you progress on your path to becoming an architect, you will learn that architecture is with you all the time.


There is much more that can be added to an End of Semester TO DO list, but this short one will get you started.




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