At the end of last September, launched the publication, Careers in Architecture and Beyond.  Since its launch last fall, over 200 individuals visited the website below and downloaded the over 30-page resource.  Visit and download the free publication.

Careers in Architecture and Beyond is the updated guide to careers in architecture and beyond for architecture students, recent graduates, and emerging professionals.  More than anything, it provides insight to the myriad of career paths one can pursue with a degree in architecture.  Careers in Architecture and Beyond is the resource that highlight careers in and beyond traditional practice.

And, another resource for careers in beyond.


Practice of Architecture – Architecture, And

from the Practice of Architecture website — Our ongoing series “Architecture, And:” follows the careers of professionals using their education and training in architecture to expand their current role in practice or apply their skills in an entirely new field. These interviews help us understand how an architectural education prepares people for diverse career opportunities.

Aside from the one linked above, the Practice of Architecture website highlights a number of interviews with design professionals – And: Technology, MBA, EDI+J, Publishing, Customer Success, Robotics, Film, and more.


As you may already know, is all about helping you become an architect.  We do that through providing you with resources to have you become aware of opportunities and make informed decisions.

Below are some of the highlighted Resources under the corresponding menu choice from


Resource: Architecture Programs

Resource: Architecture Summer Programs

Resource: Scholarships

Resource: College Fairs / Career Days

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