Happy New Year!  Just like last year’s celebration, we are truly glad that 2021 is over and could not wait until 2021.  Like 2020 the primary reason that 2021 is getting a bad rap – i.e., COVID-19, will not be over but we enjoy starting over.

But the end of the year typically means a review of the past year and a look forward to the next year.  So, below is a review of for 2021.


Architecture Programs

The listing of Architecture Programs was completed redone with AirTable.  The updated listing is completely searchable and can be downloaded


Without even planning, the number of blogs written for 2021 (55) is the same as last year.  Below are some of the more popular entries including those from guest authors (see below):

by Andrew Gipe-Lazarou, Ph.D., Professor, Virginia Tech

by Kartini Divya

Architectural Foundation of San Francisco

by Marcus Cross

by Gary L. Vance, FAIA

Blog Essays: #55

The rest of the blog essays focused on a range of topics related to becoming an architect.


Website: 29,084 Users Visits

Through the end of December (all of 2021), there were almost 29,084 user visits to the website – nearly 100 user visits per day.  This is nearly double from the previous year.  For pageviews, there were over 51,000 over the course of the years.

From a review of the analytics, the most popular portion of the website was the listing of the architecture summer programs with over 17,000 pageviews – nearly 20% of all pageviews.  The annual listing is listed on the following site:


Architecture Summer Programs


Career Profiles




College Fairs / Career Days


At, our greatest purpose is to help you in becoming an architect.  For 2022, we will continue to provide resources and information.  As done over the past 10 years, we will launch the listing of Architecture Summer Programs – 2022 at the end of January 2021.


What else should we be doing in 2022?  Let us know by emailing us



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