Yes, MAY 1 – Decision Day is this weekend, but do check with your desired programs to see if they have either extended the deadline or will provide an extension.

Here are a few previous essays on the topic of College Decisions.





But the true topic of today’s essay on your Summer Plans; regardless of your college decision, these ideas will help you in path to becoming an architect and having a successful first year as an architecture student.


DRAW: As you probably know, architects draw!  And, though some programs may emphasize the knowledge of computer-aided drawing, you will want to develop your freehand drawing skills.  There are plenty of YouTube videos and other resources for freehand drawing.  Just search.

Draw like an Architect

Design Drawing by Francis D. K. Ching

SEE: To truly become a successful architect, you MUST learn how “to see.”  But how – as you spend the majority of your life in the built environment, take the time to truly understand the details of the buildings and environment around you.  Sure, you can take photographs but instead DRAW.

LEARN NEW SOFTWARE: As an architecture student, you will develop many new skills; one of those skills in with computer software.  The list is much too long to list here but consider the following:

  • AutoCAD.
  • 3DS Max.
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Revit.
  • Rhino.
  • Sketchup.

Also, you may be able to access LinkedIN Learning for training; but do NOT pay unless you must; some software companies have free trails or significant discounts for students.  Check with you program for details.

INTERVIEW WITH AN ARCHITECT: If you have never met with an architect, reach out to one in your area for an informational interview.  Most architects are more than willing to share time with you when you share you are an aspiring architect.  Also, consider visiting websites of architecture firms.

REVIEW THE CURRICUUM AND COURSES: In preparation of your course orientation this summer, spend actual time with the curriculum you will be entering in the fall.  Research the sequence of courses both architecture and other courses.  Review the University Catalog (your contract with the university) and the Fall 2021 Schedule of Classes.

Thus, what are your summer plans?  Let us know and we will share in a future blog essay.


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