As you may know, is all about helping you become an architect; as such, we are always seeking new RESOURCES.  Well, we found some new resources for you!

For us, one of the best resources for becoming an architect is to talk with or read about architects.  The following resources help you connect with professional architects albeit via a website or book.

These resources are very much worth your time and energy.

FIRST 500 is a website and digital archive will raise awareness about Black women architects and their accomplishments, provide resources for students, practitioners and aspiring architects, and build a community for Black women in the field.

Did you know Black women make up less than 1% of all licensed architects in the United States? Founded and led by Tiara Hughes, FIRST 500 is a global platform that addresses this industry-wide equity gap. FIRST 500’s mission is to elevate and celebrate Black women architects and their accomplishments, to provide a centralized community and resources for designers of all levels, and to inspire Black women and girls to infinitely increase their licensed representation in the industry to better reflect the communities for whom we design.

Since its inception, FIRST 500 has served as a crucial platform for advocacy and awareness, and instilled a sense of momentum in the industry, motivating Black women to increase their representation and expand their professional opportunities by getting licensed. The website now provides a permanent place to showcase their stories to inspire us all. Stay tuned for updates including more profiles and resources for those on their journey.

For any inquiries or to learn more about the FIRST 500, please visit or contact us at and keep an eye out for future programming!

Arquitina is a professional leadership and licensure initiative for emerging Latina/x Women in the field of Architecture.  We are multicultural, we are Latina/x women, and we are passionate about architecture and the built environment.

Mission: The Arquitina mission is to reach above and beyond the 1% mark of licensed architects in the United States while creating equitable and inclusive opportunities in the architectural profession.

What will help candidates stay on track for licensure and career advancement opportunities?

  • Mentorship
  • Inclusive Work Policies
  • Recognition and Promotion
  • Equal Pay

Latinas in Architecture is an anthology of compelling highs and lows, and sometimes shocking, life stories of multicultural Latina women in the field of architecture. The women in this book are passionate about architecture and the built environment. The stories are told by young professionals, experienced architects, mothers and/or business owners.

Representing less than 1% in the architecture field, they proudly contribute to the built environment as architects, engineers, urban planners, construction managers and sustainability professionals. In this book you will find 19 stories with different beginnings, challenges, and compelling reasons that kept each woman going on their architectural journey.


Sidenote: When we first learned of the release of Latinas in Architecture, we immediately ordered a copy of the publication.  We are in the midst of reading the career paths and hope to post a full review in the coming months.

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