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Regardless of where you are on the path of Becoming an Architect – student, recent graduate, new hire – do you have a Mentor?  Do you know the importance of having a mentor?

If you truly like about the history of the profession, mentoring has been a part of architecture.  In the true old days, a young aspiring architect would learn / study / work under the mentoring of an experienced architect.  Even in his early career, Frank Lloyd Wright apprenticed for six years under Louis Sullivan.

And, as you pursue becoming an architect, you are required to gain experience under the supervision of an architect via AXP.  As well, you are strongly encouraged to seek a mentor (typically an architect outside your firm) to assist in your path to licensure.

NCARB Supervisors / Mentors

But do not necessarily wait until you work in the field to secure a mentor.  Seek out a mentor early in your career (while in school).  While pursuing your degree, a common mentor could be a professor or even an older student.  As noted below, some architecture programs have established mentorship programs.  If you are a high school student, the best program to pursue is the ACE Mentor Program.  Of course, you could seek out an architect as well.  Perhaps, your family knows an architect that could serve as your mentor.

ACE Mentor Program

USC Mentorship

Another idea is to serve as a Mentor to someone else pursuing the profession.  For example, you could seek out a high school student or younger to guide them in their path.

How to Find a Mentor in Architecture

Well, January 2022 is National Mentoring Month; the website below is full of resources.  Do check it out with its valuable resources.

National Mentoring Month – January 2022

Another resource below is from NCARB.

Mentoring the Next Generation of Architects

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds: The Importance of Architectural Mentorship and How to Foster It

Remember, having a mentor is for you to help you in your career path to becoming an architect.  During my career, I have had 2-3 mentors who I would consistently turn to them for insight on my own career path.

Thus, seek out a mentor to ensure career success.


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