Amazingly, December is here and that means the end of the semester.  As you approach the end of the semester, here are some hints / steps to help you succeed at the end of the semester.

PREPARE – First and foremost, prepare for the end of the semester by developing a plan for what you must accomplish for the semester.  To start with, create a list of what you need to do (tasks) for each of your courses and appropriate deadlines.  At the same time, attempt to assign a time with each task you created.  Finally, create a calendar to place each of the tasks in the calendar with time you have assigned.  Of course, the issue is that your estimates will be all wrong.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – This should be said without saying, but you MUST take care of yourself.  It is easy to stop eating proper meals or sleeping during the stress of the end of the semester.  But you truly must still eat properly and sleep.  We can still remember a classmate who barely was sleeping during the last few days before their final design studio review.  Because this student was not sleeping adequately, they missed their final review.

DESIGN IS NOT YOUR ONLY COURSE – While the temptation is to spend all your time on your design studio, remember you have other courses as well.  At some institutions, final design reviews may be held before the last day of classes.  Even so, do NOT miss your other class sessions.  Besides, typically the credit hours of your other courses are more than your design studio.  You may receive a grade of A in studio, but two grades of C in your other courses more than cancel the studio grade.

ASK FOR HELP – Given the stress of this time of the school year, ask for help!  This might asking for assistance for studying for final exams to asking for thoughts from your classmates on your design project.  Extend your asks to campus resources.  Some institutions may have end of semester workshops or events to help you; one had a session with stress relieving dogs to pet.



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