Earlier this week was May 1 – National Decision Date.  Now, that you have made your decision on where to attend for architecture, now what?

Consider the following steps between now and the start of the fall semester.

Register for Orientation: It is critical to register for your summer orientation; as you are aware, you register for classes during summer orientation.  Aside from classes, you learn about the many resources offered by the university / institution and the architecture program.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will meet new people and make new friends for a lifetime.

Learn the Curriculum / Register for Classes: To the extent possible, review the curriculum of the degree that you will be pursuing; understand the courses you will need to take not only the first semester but over the entire degree – if possible, develop a curriculum plan.  Review the required courses, both architecture and general education as well as electives.

Obtain a Summer Position: It may seem daunting, but obtain a summer position; ideally, you will pursue a position in an architecture or related discipline, i.e., construction, real estate, etc.  Granted, it may be difficult, but it is worth the effort as you will be seeking positions in future summers.  At minimum, contact an area firm for a day of shadowing.

See, Draw, Sketch:  One universal skill of a future architect is the ability to “see” and translating it through drawing / sketching.  Thus, take some time each day / week to “see” your environment and document through drawing.  Visit new buildings; look at details, materials, and aspects of the architecture.  You will be drawing / sketching for the rest of your life as an architect – why not start now.

Learn Software: Just like drawing, begin your skills in software.  You may already know some of them – AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, etc., but continue developing your skills.  It is likely that you can obtain the necessary licenses through your new institution to start.  You may also wish to purchase your new computer / laptop so you will be well-versed by the fall.

We are sure that there are more essential steps to begin your college career which begins your architectural career, but the above steps is a very good start  Regardless, enjoy the ride as you start the best time of your life.






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