Just under a year ago, launched its popular resource, Careers in Architecture and Beyond.  Now, we wish to promote this FREE resource as we approach its anniversary.

As a profession, architecture offers a myriad of possibilities for rewarding careers. — Irene Dumas-Tyson


Careers in Architecture and Beyond


Careers in Archetecture and Beyond - Book Cover

Careers in Architecture and Beyond provides insight to the myriad of career paths one can pursue with an architectural education.  More specific, it includes career profiles in each of the following:

  • Architectural Practice
  • Outside Architectural Practice
    • Government and Public Agencies
    • Education and Research
    • Corporation and Institutions
  • Beyond Architecture
    • Engineering and Technical
    • Related Professional
    • Development and Construction
    • Art and Design
    • Entrepreneurship / Consulting
    • Social Impact Design
    • User Experience (UX) Design

Within each of the above career categories include profiles of 32 professionals trained as architects along with career titles to pursue. As well, there is an appendix full of resources, an article on career designing, and a listing of nearly 50 professional associations.

Regardless of your personal career path within architecture, you owe it to yourself to review Careers in Architecture and Beyond and fully understand your potential in the profession.

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