With it now being 2024, perhaps you will NOW begin to think about summer 2024.  We are!  Our Architecture Summer Programs 2024 listing is now live with over 100 programs.

Now in its 16th year, the Architecture Summer Program – 2024 will eventually provide you access to over 200 programs offered throughout the U.S. and the world.  We are in contact will all programs to obtain their updated information (dates) for our listing.

Also, check out this recent article on ARCHDaily about an Architecture Summer Program.

Taking the Risk Out of a Career Switch to Architecture

Do note that some programs will fill very quickly; for this reason, you should consider registering now.

Architecture Summer Program – 2024

The listing provides essential information on each program as listed below.  All of the information has been compiled directly from the sponsor / institution of the Architecture Summer Program.  For more details on the program including images, schedules, scholarships, etc., contact the program directly via their website.

  • Program Name
  • Sponsor/Institution
  • Location (City, State)
  • Website of Program (URL)
  • Dates (Length of Program)
  • Cost
  • Target Audience
  • Description

A note for Cost: we decided to list in ranges as noted below (check program’s website for exact cost details) —

$0 (no cost), $ = $1 – $1,000, $$ = $1,001 – $2,500, $$$ = $2501 – $5,000, and $$$$ = Above $5,000

If you need some assistance on how to decide among the many programs, review the following article.

Selecting an Architecture Summer Program

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