Last month, ARCHCareersGuide was contacted by Dr. Danielle S. Willkens about writing a review for her upcoming book, Architecture for Teens: A Beginner’s Book for Aspiring Architects. As the author of Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design, we gladly accepted. Having been provided the book, Architecture for Teens, below is our review and insight to the book.

Available on March 23 via Amazon: Architecture for Teens

Architecture for Teens (2021) is more than just a career guide; it provides meaningful insight to the discipline of architecture and the profession of architecture. The quote shared by author Dr. Danielle S. Willkens, “Architects do far more than design structures.” offers the reader what is truly inside the book. Through its five chapters, Architecture for Teens helps the reader understand what architecture is, what an architect does, and what an architect can do. Willkens highlights how “architects shape society” beyond buildings with the topics of environmental sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion, physical and mental well-being, and sparking joy.

The book is perfect in providing an understanding of becoming and being an architect. In Chapter 2, Willkens outlines the number of specializations from residential architect to interior architects. As well, she summarizes the related disciplines – landscape architects, urban planners, and civil engineers. Chapter 5 provides an easy to understand graphic / chart to lean the path to architectural licensure.

But as stated, it is MUCH more than a career guide to becoming an architect. Throughout the book, Willkens outlines “what architects can do.” Chapter 1 offers pictorial path through the history of architecture (3500 BCE – early. 21st century) and a list of 20 famous architects all should know. Chapter 2 discusses the four steps to develop a project and truly what architects can do – other than designing buildings.

• Develop New Technology and Research
• Drive Disaster Response and Recovery
• Contribute to Human Health
• Fight Rising Sea Levels
• Make Temporary Architecture Sustainable
• Make Tourism Sustainable
• Design Everyday Objects
• Turn Imagination into Physical and Virtual Worlds

“the work of an architect can go far beyond the realm of buildings.

She continues in Chapter 3 with how architects envision communities.

• Shape Communities for Smart Growth
• Design Memorials
• Rethink How we Harvest Food
• Shape Places for Play
• Create an Urban Oasis
• Make Safer Habitats
• Develop Master Plans

In Chapter 4, Willkens challenges us by showing us how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are connected to architecture. A bonus to the book is a handful of “Spotlight On …” that provide an overview on the careers of design professionals.

Thus, this book is for you if you desire to become an architect or want to learn more about architecture.

Architecture for Teens: A Beginner’s Book for Aspiring Architects
Dr. Danielle S. Willkens, Associate AIA, FRSA, LEED AP BD+C
Illustrations by Claire Rollet
Rockridge Press, Emeryville, CA
Copyright © 2021

Launch Date:  March. 23,  2021

Chapter 1: Architecture 101
What is Architecture?
History of Architecture
Why Be an Architect?
Challenge in Architecture
Architecture Today

Chapter 2: How Architects Shape Structures
Deep Dive
What Architects Can Do
Careers in Architecture
Sustainability in Architecture
Looking Ahead
Forward-Thinking Solutions

Chapter 3: How Architects Shape Spaces
Deep Dive
What Architects Can Do
Careers in Architecture
Looking Ahead

Chapter 4: Beyond Buildings: How Architects Shape Our Society
Deep Dive
Looking Ahead
Forward-Thinking Solutions

Chapter 5: Putting it Together
Path to Architectural Licensure in the U.S.
Career Paths in Architecture


Dr. Danielle S. Willkens, Associate AIA, FRSA, LEED AP BD+C, is an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture. She holds a B.S. in Architecture and Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia, a M.Phil in Architectural History & Theory from Cambridge University’s St. John’s College, a Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation from Savannah College of Art & Design, and a PhD in Architectural History & Theory from University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. strongly encourages you to obtain Architecture for Teens to begin your path to becoming an architect.  Please do let us know what you think of the book.

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