Back in February, we offered an article entitled Summer – What to Do? that provided some ideas on what to do for this summer.  Now, let’s revisit.


Now it is approaching mid-July which means back-to-school sales will begin soon and the start of school is NOT far off.  Well, what are you doing for the summer?  Is it too late to still pursue and accomplish some summer goals?  The answer is an emphatic NO.


Summer Architecture Program:

As we hope you know, publishes its annual listing of Architecture Summer Program.  Even though summer is well underway, there are still many programs that have not yet started.  We certainly hope you have considered attending one of the many programs that are still available, but do not delay – contact the program to which you are interested NOW.

Architecture Summer Programs


Summer Career Position:

As stated back in February, a valuable summer opportunity is to gain a summer position in an architecture firm or related employer.  You may think it is too late as it is almost mid-July, but you will not know unless you try.  Even if you are unable to secure a position for the remainder of the summer, contact a firm or an architect for a shadowing experience.


Research Architecture Programs:

Regardless of your academic year in high school, research potential architecture programs for your future college choice. has a the only searchable and sortable listing of Architecture Programs.  For each listing, contact information, website and degrees offered is provided.

Architecture Programs


Sketch / Draw:

Depending on your personal experience, take time each day to sketch / draw.  At first, draw your surroundings – shoe, lamp, etc.  Draw what you see.  From there, you can start to draw buildings / architecture.  As you continue, you can draw what you cannot see – your ideas.  One resource to help you in this journey of sketching is the following:

The Art of City Sketching: A Field Manual

Read / Visit Architecture:

Finally, a great way to pass the rest of the summer is to read / visit architecture.  Either from your local public library or from Amazon, obtain a book on architecture and read.  Typically, the best part is that most books on architecture have images.  As well, walk your neighborhood and SEE architecture.  While it would great to visit true architecture in your locale or region, you can visit your own living dwelling or block.



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