Education – Selecting a Program

Selecting a Program

How do you select an architecture program?  After learning of the different degree programs, choosing an appropriate program may seem daunting.  However, if you analyze the criteria that are most important, you can narrow the search and manage the process.

In this process, strongly consider the following: 1) Ensure that you pursue the NAAB accredited degree program; 2) Understand the possible paths – BArch, MArch, and DArch; and 3) Learn the coursework offered by architecture programs – design studio, structures, systems, graphics, architectural history, professional practice, electives, and general education courses.

As you search architecture programs, consider the following attributes in these three categories:

You: To find the best program for you, think about your level of confidence in pursuing architect, your personality type, the proximity of the program to your home – do you want to be close or far away from home? And, finally, what is your budget for attending a program.

Institution: Just as important are factors related to the institution – what type of institution is it?  What about the locale of the institution – rural or urban?  Is it private or public?  What is the overall enrollment of the institution?  What is the cost of attending the institution and what amount of financial aid (grants, scholarships, and loans) are available?

Architecture Program: As you will spend vast amount of time within the academic unit, you may wish to strongly consider aspects of the program. What is the overall academic structure of the academic unit?  What degrees are offered?  Consider the philosophy or approach of the program; what is the tradition or reputation of the program?  What about enrollment?  What resources, facilities, and special programs will be available to you as a student? Who are the faculty and student body?

Thus, as you choose an architecture program, review the criteria listed above to determine which program is best for you!  One valuable resource in your search is


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